Invitation from Las Abejas

This year we are celebrating XV years demanding justice for the massacre committed on December 22th, 1997 in Acteal. But we also celebrate XX years, of struggle, of walking and creating hope as pacifist organization “Las Abejas" in the sacred land of martyrs of Acteal. 

In the context of these celebrations, we invite you to come and participate in the meeting “Frente a la Guerrra de desgaste Integral: a compartir los procesos organizativos de lucha por la defensa de la vida, de la Tierra y Territorio” (Because of the low intensity war whit the purpose of wearing down the social and economics basis of the resistance: to share the organizational processes of struggle for the defense of life, land, and territory.) to be held on 20, 21 and 22 December 2012. 

On Behalf of the organization Sociedad Civil Las Abejas  we invite all social activist, human rights defenders,  community authorities,  independent groups,  pueblos originarios (indigenous people), students, teachers,  and civil society organizations  to come and share our struggles and memories that we have,  to learn from the others struggles  and organizational  processes  that we make in our organizations, communities and groups in defense of life and mother earth.   

To visualize all together the different wars that the state is making against the organized peoples and unite our voices and collective solidarities.   

For more information of the meeting and the logistic program, please visit

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